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​In January 2017, Union-Snyder CAA was contracted to manage programs and services at the Union County Resource Center (UCRC). Formerly known as the Day Reporting Center, the UCRC has expanded its programs and services to include members of the general public while keeping its partnership with Union County Probation/Parole to support individuals involved in the criminal justice system.

Union-Snyder CAA provides foundational services at the UCRC from our Education & Employment component, as outlined below. Partner agencies in the space also include Gaudenzia, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, and more. By offering a co-located service approach, customers in Union County and surrounding areas can address a variety of needs at once to be supported into self-sufficiency, economic stability, and positive re-entry into society post incarceration.

Education & Employment

Union-Snyder CAA provides Education & Employment services and workshops to help individuals achieve their personalized educational and/or career goal(s). Personalized goal plans are developed with the assistance of a Union-Snyder CAA Case Manager.

  • Adult Education (GED/ABE)

  • Financial Literacy

  • Parenting Classes

  • Employment Skills

  • Computer Skills

  • Job Search

Outpatient Substance Abuse 

Gaudenzia Addiction Treatment & Recovery staff have an office at the UCRC. Staff provide outpatient substance abuse services that includes a state-approved assessment to determine the correct level of care. Clients receive one individual session per week and 1-2 group therapy sessions. Group services may be co-ed and are available to those 19 years of age and older.​

Anger Management

Chuck Confer's Anger Management program helps individuals learn how to manage their anger.

Retail Theft 

The UCRC has partnered with the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention to offer an online program that helps improve the lives of offenders while helping reduce recidivism rates in this particular charge.

Vocational Rehabilitation

The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) offers services for people with disabilities who want to prepare for, start, and maintain a career. 


Please call (570) 524-3895 for more information and/or to register for a service seen above.

UCRC Calendar
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