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Our mission is to reduce poverty in Union and Snyder Counties through self-sufficiency initiatives for families and individuals in collaboration with our community partners.

Our Mission
Our Vision

We envision a future where all residents of Union and Snyder Counties have equal opportunity to reach their full social, civic, and economic potential.  

Our Values

We serve to empower others.

We practice acceptance and respect.

We honor diversity.

We value positive teamwork.

We create trust through integrity.

Our History

Union-Snyder CAA is a member of a nationwide network of Community Action Agencies dedicated to eliminating generational poverty through self-sufficiency services and programs. Community Action comes out of President Lyndon B. Johnson's War on Poverty and from the advocacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 created this network of locally-focused Agencies serving low-income populations. True to its history, Community Action Partnership remains committed to addressing the root causes and conditions of poverty in the United States, as demonstrated by the diversity of programs provided by each individual agency. Community Action Agencies are diverse in their service and programs; we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of the communities we serve. 

Union-Snyder CAA receives direct networking, information, guidance from our state CAA, Community Action Association of Pennsylvania (CAAP). CAAP represents 41 Community Action Agencies in the Commonwealth. CAAP acts as a statewide voice for local Community Action Agencies and low income citizens. It is the primary source of advocacy, education, technical assistance, news and networking for the Community Action network of Pennsylvania.

Union-Snyder CAA was established as a political subdivision of Union and Snyder Counties in 1979 through a joint effort of County Commissioners and concerned citizens. Union-Snyder CAA is governed by a Joinder Board of Commissioners and a Tripartite Advisory Board that is made up of local government representatives and community members, including those living with low income.

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Board of Directors

Union-Snyder CAA is a political subdivision of Union and Snyder Counties. We receive guidance and support from Union and Snyder County Commissioners, otherwise known as our Joinder Board of Commissioners. We are also operated under our Tripartite Advisory Board, made up of community members, low income representatives, and elected officials.

Community Partners

We work with local organizations and institutions in a variety of ways, including but not limited to referrals, program implementation, fundraising and grant development, and through coalitions and large-scale group collaborations. To learn more about how you can partner with Union-Snyder CAA, please call us at (570) 374-0181.


Union-Snyder CAA operates as a charitable organization with funding from local, state, and federal sources. Individual and corporate donations for public charitable purposes are tax deductible as defined by USC §170(c)(1). Learn more about our status as a charitable government unit, as defined by the IRS, here.

Who We Are
What We Do
Why We Do This
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